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My Euro 2023 Road Trip has begun..

My Euro 2023 Road Trip has begun, a four-month adventure to support and expand our presence serving European customers.

A big part of this trip includes expanding our team, so if you’re interested in working for a dynamic and growing organization, please reach out to me.

About a month ago, we left Orlando with our dog, Casper, and we drove north to New York for two reasons: first to see customers on the East Coast, and second to minimize the time Casper would need to be on a plane.

We then flew to Frankfurt, where we had ten days scheduled to find a car so we could drive around Europe. Then we drove to Belgium for the first meeting and now into Holland. Next stop will be Portugal.

The European market lacks nimble firms like ours that can provide the type of flexible, highly reliable support and expertise many liquid food producers need. Too often, such producers must settle for off-the-shelf solutions or accept efficiency levels that are simply too low.

Whether you are such a producer or you are a talented individual who wants to uplevel your career, I encourage you to reach out to me so that I can meet with you during my travels.


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