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One of the hardest, least understood challenges in..

One of the hardest, least understood challenges in running a company is protecting your corporate culture.

Culture, by the way, is just a fancy word for “the way we do things around here”.

It’s a huge challenge because doing things in a certain manner often conflicts with other instincts that you may have, such as growing revenues, avoiding conflict and trying to please everyone.

Our culture is one in which our employees have a lot of latitude to solve problems in the manner they sit fit—we have zero desire to micromanage—but this also means that each employee must have the ability to solve problems on their own initiative.

Over time, I have learned that not everyone likes to operate in this manner. Some very talented people prefer to follow instructions and let someone else take responsibility for decision making.

Protecting our culture sometimes means parting ways with good people, not because there is something “wrong” with them, but simply because they realize that the way we do things around here is not the way they choose to do things.


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