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Across the liquid foods industry, we both engineer plants as well

as provide field services. Over the past five years, we have become increasingly involved in greenfield as well as brownfield projects.

We Deliver Exceptional Experience

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Liquid Consulting, Broader Than Liquid Food

Since joining forces with GTA in 2018, we have added capabilities to serve plants in cement, marine applications and personal care products. We also handle MES and ERP integration.

A Few Words from Our Founder

I founded Liquid Consulting in 2006 to support a growing demand for commissioning of new liquid food processing systems in the Americas, and primarily Latin America. My hands-on experience, growing up in and around dairy plants and having worked for one of the leading OEMs of processing equipment in the liquid food industry, along with my passion, combining my understanding of the industry with my automation knowledge, quickly proved to be a great success. Within a short number of years what started as a one-man show, grew to a hand full of processing specialists that I “handpicked” based on their knowledge and attitude. This became the foundation of what was to become an organization for people who thrive on freedom.

Seeking a bigger vision: “Let’s use the experience we gain when commissioning and troubleshooting equipment to design systems and solutions that incorporate the many fixes, we have to come up with to remedy the root cause of the problem”. 

I brought Mathias Johansson on board as a quality assurance authority within the

liquid food industry, to lead Liquid Consulting’s Quality Performance Management team.

This allowed us to support customers throughout the life cycle of their

processing equipment. Continuing our ambition of being an agile partner in this

industry, we added the Digitalization department, led by Walney Luz, and

Process Engineering, led by Anders Bodin. This acquisition gave us the ability

to engineer, build and deliver the best processing solution to customers

seeking a vertical start up, hassle-free experience, and a lifetime of support.

Collaborating with Soufien Lachiheb and his dedicated team of highly trained

specialist their support is always available.

                                                                                                    - Daniel Ekström


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Our Vision

To be the most agile partner

for the liquid food industry.

Our Mission

We make it easier for liquid food producers to drive profitable growth.

Our History

Field service is the heart and soul of Liquid Consulting.

It is what drives us, and it is where and how we add the most value. In this sense, we operate quite differently from our competitors.


At many firms, to work in field service is a requirement before employees move elsewhere. It is not perceived as an especially appealing assignment, and employees are often eager to move to another role. We hire, train and retain people who love field service. Our people want to work here for the long term. They enjoy being in plants, working directly with clients and putting to work their deep knowledge of the liquid foods manufacturing process. To say this another way, our team has much more field experience than any other.

Inside the company, we have a phrase for describing the essential character of our company. It is “born onsite we are.” The origins of our firm go back to working in the field, seeing the unmet needs of both current and potential customers, and recruiting people who could join our team and help fill those needs.