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Are you ready for an equation today?

Are you ready for an equation today? Here goes…

Take “We understand production”

Then add “We make it easy”

That equals… Service Agreements That Help You Sleep Soundly

We (SOUFIANE LACHIHEB) know exactly what kind of preventative maintenance your plant needs. Even if you lack proper documentation and follow-up in this area, Liquid can come in and rectify that. We can step up and take full control of your preventative maintenance activities, ensuring that your equipment is operational 24/7.

This is crucial, because many of our clients rely on non-stop equipment functionality.

We develop a comprehensive service list that not only secures regular maintenance activities but also streamlines the process of ordering spare parts and services. This will significantly reduce the need for corrective services onsite.

In many plants, components such as valves and pumps are replaced out of a lack of clarity regarding what are required spare parts. We change this by simplifying the process and planning a year ahead for spare parts procurement, making life far easier for your team.

Most customers who sign a new service agreement with us are surprised—even shocked—by what happens next. Our service levels exceed anything you have experienced in the past, which is why we know you will sleep MUCH better once we are onboard.


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