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Cleaning Made Easy

We designed our Easy CIP to make aseptic cleaning simple and to maintain process safety. Our solution will ensure your process equipment achieves their topmost hygienic level and give you confidence that your product is protected.


Do you have any concerns regarding your current CIP - Clean in Place module? Need a larger CIP solution due to larger production necessities? Is your current module suffering due to any circumstances? We will provide you with an entirely new module retrofitted with the latest automation technology, allowing you to increase your cleaning efficiency.

The solution we can deliver is customized to your factory and specific to your needs. Complete with preassembly and factory acceptance test. Upgrading has never been easier.

Are you ready to Make it Easier?

Need An Upgrade?

clean in place system
clean in place system

How It Works

how it works cip

The Easy CIP unit will supply a one or more step cleaning solution that is easy to operate and monitor.

During the CIP cycles the system automatically checks the minimum conditions of the temperature, conductivity, and flowrate set by the recipe to make sure it meets your cleaning needs.

By verifying these parameters in real time, we can increase your production uptime without sacrificing quality.

Through a simple easy to use interface the operator selects the cleaning plan to run and the unit does the rest. Through the process the operator can monitor the parameters to ensure the proper cleaning of the process equipment.


advantages cip
clean in place for factories

Having a smaller footprint, our mobile EASY CIP can be fit within your existing aseptic lines and sterile tank systems.

Our design allows for safe and efficient operation and maintenance while minimizing the risks from hazards.

We provide an excellent framework with hight end factory finish and quality parts.

Easy to integrate in any location of the plant as the circulation loop will not affect the performance of CIP parameters.

Easy to communicate with other PLCs' via intelligent protocols (Ethernet I/P, PROFINET.)


features cip
software screenshot

Stainless Steel Control Panel - The control panel is the nerve center of all the vital process operations handled on our Easy products. Our panels are entirely engineered, designed, and assembled in house and are built to meet or exceed the (UL) standard. Based on our customer's preference our panels can work with a Siemens or Rockwell platform.

Large Touchscreen - Our innovative Human Machine Interface is displayed on a large 17 inch touchscreen mounted on the control panel.

Pre-Assembled - Our equipment is designed and manufactured with a fully integrated system accompanied with a factory acceptance test and can be quickly fitted to your existing factory.

Digital Display Pressure Transmitters - Digital display pressure transmitters that give you the flexibility of observing pressure data readings from the live process right on site

or remotely.

Remote Operation - With the latest technology onboard our offering, remote operation improves on productivity and flexibility of operations within the plant. It also enables visualizations on various operational.

3A Version Hygienic Design - The design is fully compliant with the 3A sanitary standards which re-assures our commitment that our equipment is fit for manufacturing food under the best available sanitary conditions.

Technical Documentation - Our formulated set of technical documents will guide you throughout the equipment lifecycle. Be it operation, troubleshooting or maintenance these documents will take you through the easy way of viewing and understanding the technicalities.

Single Use CIP Station  - Our single use Clean in Place System processes are designed to reduce the risks of contamination while also ensuring the right process variables as required to ensure the best CIP.

specification cip


clean in place system machinery


CIP Flow (I/h / gpm)                        30.000 / 132

CIP Pressure (barg / psig)                            6 / 87

CIP Temperature (°C/°F)                    <90 / <194


Current (A)                                                           27

Voltage (V)                                                         480

AC 3 Phases (Hz)                                                60

Instrument Air (barg / psig)                         6 / 87

Steam (barg / psig)                                    2.7 / 39


Frame Size                                                  (mm/in)

Height                                                    2,250 / 87

Width                                                     1,220 / 48

Length                                                    2,742 / 98

Net Weight (kg/lb)                              725 / 1599


*Acid HNO3 (l/h /gpm)                              114 / 5

Max Concentration (%)                                     0.5

                                              *No chlorine additives


Water (l/h / gpm)                             40.000 / 176

Drain (liters / gallons)                            450 / 119

Steam (pph / psig)                              2,645.5 / 39

Condensate (lb/h / psig)              2,645.5 / <14.5

*Alkaline NaOH (l/h/ gpm)                       114 / 5

Max Concentration (%)                                        2

                           *Free from solid crystals or flakes

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