Field Service

This is the core of how we make it easier for you, our valued customer.

Our team will make sure you get the best possible performance out of your equipment and

plant right from the start and throughout it’s lifecycle.

And beyond!

Our Services

In close partnership with you, the liquid food producing customer, we make it easier for you to optimize your production. We support you throughout the full life cycle of your plant and equipment to ensure lasting business success,

your success is our happiness. You will always have the full commitment 

from our global team of highly qualified service technicians. They will

all ensure that your equipment and plant operate at its optimum OEE

throughout its life cycle.

We make it easier for you by working with you from the beginning of the site phases, contributing with our application knowledge and extensive experience derived from installations all over the world. Providing you with the best results, installing your plant, quickly and effectively.

From single machines to turnkey plants

We make commissioning easier for single pieces of equipment, skids, production lines and complete plants. Our technicians have experience with several OEM equipment, enabling them to integrate a wide variety of equipment from all the major manufacturers, to work smoothly and reliably together, providing you with optimal performance.

Understanding is the key

There is no other company that even comes close to our understanding of commissioning and what it takes. Liquid Consulting was born on site in the early 2000’s. It’s all about understanding your production process and what you want to get from your plant. By bringing these key elements together, we ensure the safe and efficient commissioning of your equipment and plant for optimal performance, from day one and far into the future.

The experience you need

Our team, your resources come with unmatched experience and

back-office support. Our highly skilled technicians understand the engineering and have unrivalled experience in both the process and automation. This allows them to set up your equipment and process lines in the most effective way, for maximum safety, reliability and top-quality production output.


Maximum effectiveness, increased reliability, reduced maintenance costs and a safe working environment with highly motivated employees – that’s what you get when we make it easier for you to run your operations with better equipped personnel. And for you as a participant, we increase your market value.

Corrective maintenance

Fast response from our Liquid Consulting worldwide team that will do it’s outmost to get you back into production as soon as possible. Our service technicians are available, around the clock and worldwide, to make sure that your breakdown does not become a meltdown! Wherever you are in the world, our unmatched technicians will get you up and running again quickly and safely – minimum down time, maximum productivity.

Preventative Maintenance

Our experienced service engineers will make your entire plant maintenance easy, avoiding costly breakdowns and keeping costs down. Every plant is different, so our service engineers will evaluate your maintenance needs and ensure that all parts are repaired or replaced at the right time. This way you will avoid unscheduled breakdowns, ensure safety and reliability, keep costs down and extend your equipment and plant’s lifetime.

Upgrades / Modernization / Optimization

Everything changes: technology, markets, legislations, and your expectations. Let us make sure your equipment and plant keep up with the demand and technology: improving safety and efficiency, reducing costs, providing longer lifetime and ensuring that it always fit your needs.

OEE Contracts

Let us make it easy for you to reach you maximum OEE.

Our global field service team have unmatched experience from a wide array of products, plants, and configurations. From the booming oat to the most marginalized dairy product