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Milk Made Easy


We designed our Easy Milk Fat Standardizer (MFS) to set a new benchmark in the simplicity of standardizing milk, by applying of philosophy of essentialism. With its compact design and intuitive GUI. Our EASY MFS will be quickly and seamlessly integrated into your production line.

milk production machine


We can provide you with a completely new module including our intuitive graphical user interface. Or if your main concern is your obsolete controls and instrumentation. Then we will target an upgrade that can be implemented with less than a shift of downtime. If you are you running cold milk separation and have trouble with butter churning in the separator. We will provide you with an effective fully automated solution minimizing down time and manual labor.

After upgrading to our Easy MFS solution. You will see what you have been missing out on for too long.

The Easy MFS is developed in both Rockwell and Siemens.


Are you ready to Make it Easier?

Need An Upgrade?

milk fat standardizer device
how it works

How It Works

Milk Fat Standardization provides an additional tool to ensure product integrity while simultaneously reducing equipment.

Quick and easy self-cleaning

valves minimize the chance

for operator error and

improve the overall

production quality.

Our advanced controls

monitor the cream and when

a deviation is detected the

equipment automatically

clears the blockage without

the need for intervention.

A separator divides the whole milk into the cream and the skim milk before the standardization unit. The standardization unit controls the amount of cream that is re-mixed back into the product to give the desired  fat content needed for your standardizations. By utilizing the latest in mass flow meter technology the temperature and fat concentration variations are read continuously. The cream content is then adjusted to these variations to produce the desired fat content.

milk fat standardizer background

Upgraded and improved to perform with ease in Industry 4.0, complete with remote support

using  Ethernet I/P or PROFINET.

Custom catered interface keeping the user in mind providing quick adaptability and a streamlined transition.

Improved control of cream fat content that reduce re-work  and increases line efficency.

Modular control components which can quickly integrate into existing elements within your factory.





milk fat standardizer software

Stainless Steel Control Panel - The control panel is the nerve center of all the vital process operations handled on our Easy products. Our panels are entirely engineered, designed, and assembled in house and are built to meet or exceed the (UL) standard. Based on our customer's preference our panels can work with a Siemens or Rockwell platform.

Mass-Flow and Flow Transmitter - We have selected the best mass flow meter on the market to ensure that your process achieves the highest levels of accuracy and minimal downtime on production and product waste.

Remote Operation - With the latest technology onboard our offering, remote operation improves on productivity and flexibility of operations within the plant. It also enables visualizations on various operational.

Pre-Assembled - Our equipment is designed and manufactured with a fully integrated system accompanied with a factory acceptance test and can be quickly fitted

to your existing factory.

Digital Display Pressure Transmitters - Digital display pressure transmitters that give you the flexibility of observing pressure data readings from the live process right on site

or remotely.

3A Version Hygienic Design - The design is fully compliant with the 3A sanitary standards which re-assures our commitment that our equipment is fit for manufacturing food under the best available sanitary conditions.

Technical Documentation - Our formulated set of technical documents will guide you throughout the equipment lifecycle. Be it operation, troubleshooting or maintenance these documents will take you through the easy way of viewing and understanding the technicalities.

Large Touchscreen - Our innovative Human Machine Interface is displayed on a large 17 inch touchscreen mounted on the control panel.





Cold Milk                                          5-15 / 41-59

Hot Temperature                       41-60 / 106-140


Power Consumption (kW)                                1.2

Instrument air,     600kPa                    200NI/min


Flow rates (l/h)                                              (gpm)

5,000 - 20,000                                      22-88 (2'')

20,000 - 25,000                              88-110 (2,5'')

25,000 - 40,000                               110-176 (3'')

40,000 - 70,000                               176-310 (4'')

milk fat standardizer machine

Product Type                                                 Fat %

Whole Milk                                               2.5 - 6.0

Standardized Milk                                    0.5 - 5.0

Standardized Cream                                  20 - 42


Frame Size                                                  (mm/in)

Height                                                    2,390 / 94

Width                                                     1,030 / 41

Length                                                    1,550 / 61

Net Weight (kg/lb)                                419 / 924


Flow Chart

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