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This is not just a user interface; it’s a smart, intuitive solution combining ease of use with cutting-edge technology.

Our Unique Approach:

At Liquid, our solutions are forged from real-world experience. Our team, working hands-on in your factories, brings invaluable insights back to the design table. This direct field experience fuels our development of intuitive interfaces,

now boosted with AI to guide operators through processes more efficiently. This leads to reduced downtime, faster troubleshooting, and ultimately, higher output and better profitability for your factories.

At Liquid, we’re proud to unveil a transformative innovation for the liquid food industry: our advanced graphical user interface for outdated Tetra Pak processing systems, enhanced with artificial intelligence.

Our interface features:

Supreme Intuition: Intuitively designed for effortless interaction.

Minimal Downtime Installation: Achieve maximum efficiency with minimal interruption.

AI-Enhanced Guidance: Our basic AI assists operators, streamlining the process for efficiency and accuracy.

Revolutionary Transformation: Revitalize up to 20-year-old machines to operate like new.

The Choice is Yours:

- Costly CapEx Project: Millions with uncertain outcomes.

- Liquid’s Smart Upgrade: A fraction of the cost, with enhanced performance and profitability.


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