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Liquid Family - meet Morten Nielsen

I am pleased to present our next Liquid Family Portrait. Today we will celebrate a person that perfectly fulfills how we do things at Liquid: step up, show where you want to be, and it will be so. This is a person that always is ready to help, support, and to mentor, whether it is a customer or a team member - meet Morten Nielsen.

Morten has been a vital part of Liquid for over 10 years and he’s a key player in growing both the size and the competence of our field service team. Making sure that Liquid can help even more customers making it easier. But Morten is so much more than a loyal employee; he's a true advocate inside and out of our Liquid castle walls. Thank you for your service to Liquid and for always fighting for nothing but the best for our customers.

I am very happy to get to do this interview with you, Morten! Can you please tell us more about your role at Liquid?

Morten: I am holding dual roles in Liquid as a Senior Process Specialist and Competence development Manager I help to ensure that all our FSEs are on a fast track to get the needed training to help give Liquids customers the best experience.

What got you to join Liquid?

Morten: I needed a more flexible contract than I had in my previous contract and Liquid try to help the Engineers to build a setup that help the engineer so they can perform 110% in the favor of Liquid.

How would you explain what Liquid does and which values we try to deliver to our customers?

Morten: Liquid tries to give the customer a feeling of trust, transparency, and well documented visits.

Where do you see that Liquid does a difference for our customers?

Morten: Liquid always strives to improve performance and doing this while trying to Make It Easier for the customers. Often done by service-, maintenance visits and technical reviews to determine weak points, bottle necks and help improve OEE.

What are the best parts about working at Liquid?

Morten: Not one single day is the same, always new challenges, keeping everyone focused and motivated.

Thank you, Morten! Can you finally tell us one thing outside of work that you are passionate about?

Morten: I like to ride motorcycles, small or big does not matter, anything on 2 wheels.

Thank you, Morten for your time and for being a part of the Liquid Family.

- - - - - - - - - - -

If you have any questions or are interested in joining Morten and the Liquid team in our journey to making it easier for our customers - please check out our career page or feel free to reach out to me directly.

// Sincerely, Daniel Ekström Founder, Liquid Consulting

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