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Liquid Family - meet Danilo Colombini

In our latest Liquid Family interview, I sat down with Danilo Colombini, the Global Engineering Director at Liquid, to delve into his journey within the company, the innovative strides Liquid is making in the food processing industry, and the core values that drive his success. Danilo has been a driving force within our organization, showcasing impressive dedication, passion, and leadership in all his roles.

Joining Liquid in 2022 as a Process Engineer, Colombini now leads the charge in Project, Process, and Automation Engineering on a global scale. With a focus on delivering comprehensive solutions to enhance Liquid’s operations and customer satisfaction, he shares insights into the company’s unique approach to tackling industry challenges, fostering a culture of accountability and engagement, and his vision for the future of food processing.

I'm really looking forward to our talk, Danilo! Can you please tell us about your role at Liquid?

Danilo: I joined Liquid in 2022 as Process Engineer. Today I am responsible for Project, Process and Automation Engineering for Liquid Globally. Our objective is to support Liquid’s operations with good solutions to our customers, covering the full lifecycle of a project, since the Pre-Project work till the Project Deliver to customer.

What got you to join Liquid?

Danilo: The spirit of the company and Liquid People, which are fully accountable by their decisions and all of them really engaged to support the Liquid Food Company to increase productivity and profitability.

How would you explain what Liquid does and which values we try to deliver to our customers?

Danilo: Liquid can supply to our customers a broad spectrum of products and services. It is important for them to know Liquid Ladder, which explains individually our portfolio of products and services and they also can be combined in between to give a unique solution package to make their life Easier! It is also important to tell our customers that we can also solve specific problems using the expertise of our Field Service Engineers / Senior Process Specialists, together with the Engineering team, to offer one Unique and Customized solution.

Where do you see that Liquid does a difference for our customers?

Danilo: Offering a unique solution, custom made designed for the customer need. This is why I also tell people inside Liquid that Understand the customer needs/pains/problems is the key to make the difference in the market.

As an industry expert, what emerging trends or shifts do you see in the South American food processing market, and how will Liquid adapt and capitalize on these trends to achieve growth?

Danilo: Customers are demanding integrated solutions, and Liquid globally is prepared for that. From the Engineering perspective, we are always supporting Sales in the Understanding phase of the quotation and always showing the customers what Liquid can do to support them on their operations to decrease product losses/improve running time. By that, they will consequently improve profitability and production volumes, with rational money spent.

What are the best parts about working at Liquid?

Danilo: The freedom to express the ideas and the flat structure which allows be faster on the decisions and communications.

Thank you so much for your time, Danilo! Can you finally tell us one thing outside of work that you are passionate about?

Danilo: I like to stay with my family, have two children, one girl with 11 years old and a boy with 10 years old. Besides that, I also like to prepare a good barbecue. I also like to go to the beach and mountain, in Brazil there are some good options for that.

Thank you, Danilo for your time and for being a part of the Liquid Family.

- - - - - - - - - - -

If you have any questions or are interested in joining Danilo and the Liquid team in our journey to making it easier for our customers - please check out our career page or feel free to reach out to me directly.

// Sincerely, Daniel Ekström Founder, Liquid Consulting

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