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Liquid Family - meet Matthew Slack

I'm pleased to share our latest Liquid Family portrait. At Liquid, each team member significantly contributes to our mission: "We Make It Easier!" for liquid food producers worldwide. The following portrait highlights this commitment perfectly. Today, we sit down with Matthew Slack to delve into his diverse responsibilities, his journey to Liquid, and the unique values and experiences that he brings to our team.

Matthew's role at Liquid is as dynamic as it is crucial. Balancing tasks from logistics to IT support, he embodies our ethos of flexibility and solution-oriented thinking. Join us as we explore Matthew's perspective on what makes Liquid unique, and how his personal passions align with our core values of innovation and excellence.

Looking forward to our talk, Matt! Can you please tell us about your role at Liquid?

Matthew: I am Liquid’s U.S. Office Manager. I work in a number of support roles including logistics, human resources, property management, IT support, event planning, and vendor relations. In other words, I keep the lights on, and the team equipped for the job at hand.

What got you to join Liquid?

Matthew:I learned about the position from a friend at the restaurant I used to work at. He would tell me stories about the “garage” he worked out of and the eccentric boss he had, and upstart nature of the business of the time. I, of course, thought this was such a neat opportunity that when the chance came for me to join, I did not hesitate. Turns out, this was the nicest “garage” I had ever seen, and the team was no different. An excellent group of intelligent individuals excelling at a craft I never knew existed. While the job and the faces have changed over the years, I am incredibly blessed to have had the fortune of joining Liquid when I did.

How would you explain what Liquid does and which values we try to deliver to our customers?

Matthew: I see Liquid’s role and value in this small anecdote.

“I have this awesome idea for a protein shake and I have all the equipment and hands I need to make my dream of a healthy and fulfilling drink come true. For a time, all was well until I began to have issues. I started to have troubles and tried to work with the manufacturer. They were slow to respond and when they did, did not work within our schedule. They didn’t share enough detail about the issue beyond what is necessary and couldn’t prevent future problems beyond the original problem. Even more now, I dread the thought of my process going down”.

Liquid was born of a desire to fix this currently flawed system between a customer and manufacturer. With this customer in mind, Liquid seeks to remedy this separation of priorities by coming alongside the customer as a partner. With this understanding, Liquid above all, values action, open communication, versatility, and flexibility. Liquid can tackle our partners’ struggles quickly, honestly, entirely, and on their own schedule. In essence, we make it easier.

Where do you see that Liquid does a difference for our customers?

Matthew: In the niche Liquid operates in, there just aren’t any full-service partners like Liquid. The manufacturers have all the power and little incentive to empower the customer and their goals beyond initial sale. Liquid, however, sees its customers as an extension of themselves. If the customer wins, Liquid wins.

What are the best parts about working at Liquid?

Matthew: As a Liquid team member, one of my favorite values is Freedom with Responsibility. I am emboldened to tackle problems and goals how I see fit. With this freedom, comes with the expectation that I respect the job and those that I work with. With this value, I find the opportunity to learn and grow personally alongside Liquid. I love the team I work with as well. Incredibly gracious and inspiring individuals who are always pleasant to work with and aspiring to do something great.

Thank you so much, Matthew! Can you finally tell us one thing outside of work that you are passionate about?

Matthew:I enjoy building computers and PC gaming. I have a couple of PCs I have assembled at home. I enjoy the meticulous nature of preparing a machine that looks good and can afford many hours of demanding work at the lowest temperatures possible. As far as the PC games I enjoy, I like first person shooters, playing survival games with friends, and single-player games with engaging stories. I am always looking forward to building my next computer and playing games on the weekend with my friends.

Thank you, Matthew for your time and for being a part of the Liquid Family.

- - - - - - - - - - -

If you have any questions or are interested in joining Matthew and the Liquid team in our journey to making it easier for our customers - please check out our career page or feel free to reach out to me directly.

// Sincerely, Daniel Ekström Founder, Liquid Consulting

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