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Liquid Family - meet Frederik Wellendorph

I am very excited to present our next Liquid Family Portrait. From the pastoral fields of West Zealand near Slagelse, Denmark, comes Frederik Wellendorph, Liquid's Executive President for Europe. Raised on a large farm, Frederik's deep understanding of nature, agriculture, and the essentials of food production has shaped his approach to leadership and business.

Frederik’s philosophy, "my passion is people leadership across cultures, geographies, and business boundaries," aligns perfectly with Liquid's mission, particularly in our quest for growth across Europe. His unique blend of traditional wisdom and innovative leadership is poised to drive Liquid's growth and success in the European market. Meet, Frederik Wellendorph, a leader who truly understands the value of both roots and growth.

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome you to Liquid, Frederik! You have a unique background growing up on a farm in Denmark. How has your upbringing influenced your approach to the food processing industry, and what lessons from the farm do you apply to your role at Liquid?

Frederik: My upbringing on a large farm in Denmark has instilled in me a strong work ethic, ability to work with unpredictable risks (weather) and a deep respect for the nature. These key values have formed my drive and commitment to sustainability and quality in the food processing industry, and I apply them to my role at Liquid to ensure we prioritize responsible practices and offer superior products and solutions to the benefits of our partners and customers.

You've worked in various sectors within the food industry, including dairy, beverage, and food processing. With your experience, you've likely encountered various challenges in the food processing industry. What do you see as the major challenges and opportunities for Liquid in Europe, and how do you intend to address them?

Frederik: The major challenges for Liquid in Europe is to get established and recognized as a strong alternative to major suppliers. Our opportunities lie in being innovative and agile in the solutions we provide by using the best technology available from partners to offer the best solutions combined with our own products, experience and easy solutions gained in the aseptic food processing industry over more than 15 years.

As the Executive Vice President Europe, what are your initial priorities and goals for Liquid in the European market? How do you plan to leverage your expertise to achieve these goals?

Frederik: My initial priorities for Liquid in Europe are to build a strong and cost effective supply chain and foster strategic partnerships. Built on that the priority is to strengthen market presence, drive revenue growth, enhance product offerings, and build strong relationships to achieve these goals with existing and new customers.

Liquid specializes in engineering and servicing liquid food plants. Could you elaborate on the unique value proposition that Liquid offers to its customers, and how you plan to communicate and enhance this value in the European market?

Frederik: Liquid's unique value proposition lies in our tailored engineering solutions and exceptional servicing of liquid food plants. In Europe we will continue to build on this heritage and focus on project and solution-based offerings in the aseptic liquid food industry. Key focus for us is to provide solutions tailored to the customer’s needs focusing on ease of use and high value for the customers.

As an industry expert, what emerging trends or shifts do you see in the European food processing market, and how will Liquid adapt and capitalize on these trends to achieve growth?

Frederik: Emerging trends in the European food processing market include increased demand for sustainable solutions. One area with a lot of focus for Liquid is to offer upgrades of existing equipment to give it up to date functionality by replacing obsolete parts. Our ability to partner up with different suppliers gives us the ability to provide tailored solutions with lowest operating cost and impact on the environment. Those activities will be core to achieve growth.

Innovation is crucial in the food processing industry. Can you share any innovative strategies or technologies that you foresee Liquid adopting to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of European customers?

Frederik: Liquid plans to adopt advanced automation and data-driven technologies to optimize production efficiency with specific focus on easy operation. We'll also invest in sustainable solutions, where energy efficiency is a key area, to meet the evolving needs of European customers and to stay competitive in the market.

Can you tell us one thing outside of work that you are passionate about, I know for example that you are an avid cyclist?

Frederik: I have two big passions. You are right – I love cycling and try to challenge myself on an ongoing basis. My current project is to build fitness for riding Passo del Stelvio in the Italian alps over a few days next summer together with a likeminded group under the motto from Dream to Reality. My other passion is football (soccer). Having two boys who play and also follow specific clubs especially in the Premier League gives some great family moments and great experiences together.

Finally, what message or vision would you like to convey to the Liquid team, partners, and customers in Europe as you step into your role as Executive Vice President? What can they expect from your leadership?

Frederik: I'm committed to fostering a culture of innovation, sustainability, and excellence at Liquid in Europe. Together with the team, partners, and customers, we'll work to achieve joint goals and deliver high-quality solutions to our customers. I will bring collaborative leadership, focus on always improving with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

Thank you Frederik for your time and for being a part of the Liquid Family.

- - - - - - - - - - -

If you have any questions or are interested in joining Frederik and the Liquid team in our journey to making it easier for our customers - please check out our career page or feel free to reach out to me directly.

// Sincerely, Daniel Ekström Founder, Liquid Consulting

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