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It’s simply amazing what one can..

It’s simply amazing what one can accomplish from their childhood bedroom. Even though my Euro 2023 Road Trip is still temporarily paused here, I just managed to take a giant step forward in strengthening our European team.

This isn’t a formal announcement—that will come soon—but I can share that Frederik Wellendorph is going to head up our European operations AND that this has happened precisely because I took the time to pause my customer visits and focus on building a talented team large and strong enough to handle the growing demand for our services.

Born and raised on a large farm in West Zealand near Slagelse - Denmark, Frederik has a depth of knowledge of nature, farming, food production, manufacturing and operations that exceeds almost anyone else I can name. He has led large, complicated businesses and also shouldered responsibility for the smallest daily chores on a farm.

We met almost by accident, because I had time in my schedule to become aware of him and because he was open-minded enough to meet with me. Once we started talking face-to-face, it became apparent to me that Frederik can bring a unique blend of skills, experiences, and insights to the Liquid organization.

It also became obvious that Frederik is the ideal person to take responsibility for growing our European team, rather than me. I want to get back to my Euro 2023 Road Trip and visit more of our customers.

So, if you have expressed interest in joining Liquid - We Make It Easier! and I asked you to be patient for a short time while I put a key leader in place, now you know why.

That said, if you haven’t yet reached out, please feel free to message either one of us.

I’ll share a more formal welcome to Frederik soon, but for now please know that we are very delighted to have him join our leadership team.

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