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For every significant decision, there is a captain.

I like to say that everyone who works for Liquid should act like a Captain.

Being a Captain is not about commanding others. Your main responsibility is to accept responsibility; you must be prepared to make decisions that are based on logic, expertise and instinct.

Our team members travel the globe to help manufacturing plants that are far from our headquarters. Each individual must be ready to step into a high pressure situation, make a skilled assessment, and then do what is necessary to safely move our client forward.

This is not a role for a tentative or overly cautious individual. The last thing we want is an employee who is going to phone home every few hours for advice. Once you take the ship to sea, you are responsible for everything that happens.

If you think I’m carrying this analogy too far, I apologize.

(But I’m not.)

We recruit, train and reward decisive people who prefer to be out there, moving around the world, relying on their own wits to survive and thrive. That is literally the job description of all but a few of our team members.


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