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As my Euro 2023 Road Trip continues, I'm..

As my Euro 2023 Road Trip continues, I'm returning to my roots. After leaving my childhood bedroom behind, my next stop is a place that has always feels like home.

My dog and my wife, my constant companions on this journey, are here with me at a hotel by the Baltic Sea. Our patio opens to views of the east coast archipelago of Sweden. Soon, we'll be setting sail for Gotland, the island where I was born.

As the pace of the Liquid - We Make It Easier! Road Trip eases, we're transitioning to a slower rhythm. The high-energy recruitment drives and immersion in the liquid food manufacturing industry are yielding to the soothing cadence of a Swedish summer, providing a much-needed opportunity for reflection, mental rejuvenation, and physical recovery.

As always, I welcome your input and stories. So, please... keep in touch.

(Until then, my dog, my wife and I will be here on the patio, enjoying the calm before we set off for Gotland.)


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