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We are delighted to announce that as of today..

We are delighted to announce that as of today, August 1, Frederik Wellendorphhas joined Liquid as Executive Vice President Europe.

Born and raised on a large farm in West Zealand near Slagelse - Denmark, Frederik has a depth of knowledge of nature, farming, food production, manufacturing and operations that exceeds almost anyone else I can name. He has led large, complicated businesses and also shouldered responsibility for the smallest daily chores on a farm.

Frederik has a proven history of leadership within the dairy, beverage and food processing industry. He has a strong track record of delivering impressive results on a regular basis. He knows how to lead, motivate and inspire… and he knows how to serve our valued customers.

He likes to say that “my passion is people leadership across cultures, geographies and business boundaries” and this is exactly the mindset and leadership style we have been seeking.

We are a nimble organization that is obsessed with serving our customers, whenever and wherever they need our support. Frederik has the skills, experience, mindset and tenacity to elevate our team even higher; he will attract and nurture the best of the best.

Please join us in welcoming Frederik to the Liquid organization!



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