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The Easy Milk Fat Standardizer (MFS) is..

Updated: Apr 18

The Easy Milk Fat Standardizer (MFS) is part of the EASY LINE here Liquid - We Make It Easier! and we designed our EASY MFS to set new standards in the simplicity of standardizing milk. With its compact design, our EASY MFS can be quickly integrated into your production line. Our mindset: to make it easy for liquid food plants to upgrade their existing equipment.

How easy? We require just eight hours of downtime to install our MFS, an amount of downtime that any plant in the world can accommodate!

We also offer an option not to replace all your stainless steel when the only thing that you really need to replace is the control panel, solutions at a more reasonable cost. This question led us to the MFS solution, and the units we have installed have proven to be faster and less expensive for our clients.

Many plants are still operating Milk Fat Standardizers that the original manufacturer considers to be legacy systems. They are hard to service and operate efficiently and, if you consider an upgrade with original manufacturer, that will require two weeks (yes, weeks) of downtime.

If you want to know more about replacing your old, outdated and unreliable system with a far better option, give us a call. We are here to help. Anders Bodin Danilo Colombini


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