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Morten Nielsen. We are extraordinarily proud to have him on the Liquid Consulting team.

When you want to understand how much experience a true professional possesses, you can’t just add up the years on his or her resume. You have to understand the intensity of those years. By that standard, Morten Nielsen has 80 years of experience!

Morten is on of the world’s leading experts in filtration, an essential process in the liquid food industry. Over his more than 20 years in the liquid foods industry, Morten has traveled many times around the globe, dropping into crisis situations… and solving them. He operates successfully in the highest pressure situations, when huge amounts of money and time are at stake.

This sort of work is anything but easy. More times than we could possibly count, Morten was the one person who could solve a client’s huge problem, and that meant packing his bags immediately—on weekends, holidays, at odd hours—and flying to the other side of the planet.

Beyond #knowledge and #expertise, there are very few professionals who can excel in this sort of position. You must be a smart, tough, highly motivated problem solver. You must be willing to sacrifice your own quality of life to stand tall for your client. Morten Nielsen is such a human being, and we are extraordinarily proud to have him on the Liquid Consulting team.


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