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Milk Fat Standardization

Updated: May 26, 2022

The Liquid Consulting Easy Milk Fat Standardizer, is a flexible and easy to operate high precision milk standardization unit. It is ready for delivery, today! (Just like any Apple product) And ready for you to see and experience in our office. It incorporates decades of on site real life experience, it is not an office product.

The controls and the cabinet come with next generations GUI, Based on Ignition from Inductive Automation. It is so unique and intuitive that it will blow you away when you see how we have taken essentialism to the dairy industry. It even amazed our friends at Inductive, right Andres Rosa? They couldn’t understand how we could make something like this utilizing their softwares. It also comes pre loaded with 6 months remote production coach, including error monitoring.

A big thanks to TriNova, Inc.Michael StajduharCory OlsonEndress+Hauser GroupAWC, Inc.Jon Hanger that have been very helpful and accommodating throughout this whole development phase.

Big shoutout to our own team that made this the top of the line product we wanted to present to the world. Thanks Team!

Marcelo Ferrer, Janderson Mesquita dos Anjos Rafael Azeredo and everyone else at Liquid Consulting is ready to answer your questions and get to work on securing your production.

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