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If you are curious, you’ll act..

If you are curious, you’ll act that way: ask questions, listen carefully, then ask more questions. Your questions should show you are listening, which then motivates the other person to remain open and comfortable. Such curiosity almost always uncovers some common ground, and it helps you to see the other person as an actual human being who is worthy of compassion and respect.

If you act morally superior, you’ll quickly put the other person in a box: s/he is stupid, ignorant, misguided, dangerous and/or radical. This cuts off all opportunities for growth and understanding on either of your parts.

Curiosity is a path to better outcomes for all.

Moral superiority is a proven way to spark conflict and alienation.

Choose your approach carefully, because it will determine the outcome you get.


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"It is worth remembering, that what moves the world are the questions, not the answers... "

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