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Getting to yes in 7 weeks!

I used to think that all #capitalprojects have a very long sales cycle given the size and complexity of the investment, but recently I was personally involved in a case with one of our customers that frankly blew my mind. We learned that this company was going to add a new processing line on a conference call that took place in early February. In less than 10 business days the customer had our initial proposal. Then we went through the normal scope adjustments over the next couple of weeks, the customer came to visit us at our offices in Sanford, FL, to get to know us better and look at our amazing workmanship. Less than two weeks later we were awarded the project and the following day we had our process engineer on site. This is what I call #wemakeiteasier for our customers!

At Liquid Consulting we understand that we can only achieve this kind of agility by setting clear #goals2021 that everyone understands, then use our strategy to guide and give our team members the freedom to make their own decisions about the right actions. We call this: freedom with accountability.

And friends, keep in mind, ACTIONS changes things.


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