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A word from our Founder

It’s been 16 years since Daniel Ekström founded Liquid - We Make It Easier! The vision and company mission was clear from day one - to make it easier for liquid food producers to drive profitable growth.

The last 16 years has seen tremendous changes, developments, challenges, and technological breakthroughs in the liquid food industry. This includes several changes also for Liquid. In Daniel’s own words, “Liquid has grown as a company into something much bigger than I ever imagined in the early years.”

While we’ve evolved over the years, our core vision remains unchanged. We’re simply more carriers of that important mission, with Terry Ingram as our CEO, carrying the flag.

🚀 “To make life easy for our clients.” 🚀

We take away your headaches.

We solve your toughest problems.

We anticipate potential obstacles, and eliminate them.

We do this by reducing downtime, and also by increasing precision and predictability. There should be no surprises in a major food production plant, and we make it easier for our clients to operate that way.

That’s how we operate: 100% focused on your needs, and on making your lives easier.


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