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Somehow my Euro 2023 Road Trip has brought me to…

Somehow my Euro 2023 Road Trip has brought me to… my childhood bedroom. I’m literally sitting at a desk in the bedroom I had when I was 9 and 10.

And I’m having dinner tonight with my very good friend Sahra Lindman (and her husband Magnus Lindman) from the second grade.

So, yes, it’s a bit of a flashback week, on many levels.

Even just being in Sweden in the summertime makes me realize how accustomed I’ve become to living in the United States. In Florida, the norm is HOT and humid in the summer, and it gets dark early. Here in Sweden, the evenings and early mornings are cool, daytime is dry and warm, and it’s always light outside.

One other big difference—which has to do with our recruiting efforts to grow our team in Europe—is that in the US, everyone thinks they are qualified to do a big job, but in Europe people are much more reluctant to believe they can do it.

For that reason, I want to stress that we do NOT need applicants who already are experts at working in liquid foods manufacturing plants. We just need smart people who want to learn and grow and to be of service to others.

The good news is that there are such people everywhere, and nothing makes me happier than meeting another such person. So, please… reach out to me.

(Until then, I’ll be playing with my toys in the bedroom.)


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