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Early next week, I will wrap up my Liquid - We Make It Easier!

Early next week, I will wrap up my Liquid - We Make It Easier! 2023 Road Trip when we fly back to the States from Frankfurt. We’ll be in Frankfurt all this weekend if you want to reach out and say hello.

It’s been a spectacular trip that exceeded my expectations. We hired Frederik Wellendorph and Marcin Zalasa , plus a new field service engineer in Sweden (an announcement is coming soon). We met a wide assortment of clients and partners, such as Victor Carlstedt at Arla Foods and Johan Postma at Jongia Mixing Technology I’ve learned a great deal and also have taken pleasure in sharing my own knowledge with others.

It’s been a real joy to be able to bring my wife and dog along, so that we could reconnect with so many family and friends. I’ve been on countless trips without them, and it is far better when they come along.

There are two ways of looking at the world. For many, the planet is an abstract concept, as in “theoretically” other people live in different cultures and countries. For me, it is a vibrant world whose diversity brings remarkable joys. I love meeting new people, navigating different languages and customs and having every day bring new adventures.

We are flying home with deep gratitude to all who shared your days and weeks with us.


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