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My Liquid - We Make It Easier! Euro 2023 Road Trip continued..

My Liquid - We Make It Easier! Euro 2023 Road Trip continued with a lunch meeting and extended discussion in the Spanish city of Burgos. Joining me were two leaders from JBT, a leader in the food and beverage industry.

Juan Martinez is Global Product Line Director, while Jorge Gambón and is EMENA Sales Manager Aseptic Systems at JBT FoodTech Casper, also pictured, is still just Casper the dog.

JBT is a large and greatly admired company, but there are a couple of things that we do better than them. (They do about 5,014 things better than we do.) Together, we can help numerous other companies to grow and thrive.

But it’s not the details that matter here. It’s the relationships. The whole point of traveling across and around Europe is to meet face-to-face with people I otherwise only see on Zoom.

Every country, factory and person I visit brings me joy and reminds me how fortunate I am to spend time with so many people who excel at what they do.

Plus, the food isn’t bad either. (Actually, it was delicious.)


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