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Liquid Appoints Danilo Colombini as Global Engineering Director


Sanford, 2023-12-30

Liquid, the frontrunner in Engineering and Servicing Liquid Food Plants, is excited to announce the appointment of Danilo Colombini as its new Global Engineering Director.

Liquid's CEO, Terry Ingram -

I am delighted to share some exciting news that brings pride and celebration to our

Liquid family. After exceptional complex work and outstanding contributions as our VP of Engineering in Brazil, Danilo has been promoted to the esteemed role of Global Engineering Director!

Danilo has been a driving force within our organization, showcasing unparalleled dedication and leadership in Brazil’s VP of Engineering role. With a wealth of experience, a knack for strategic thinking, and a commitment to excellence, Danilo is the perfect fit to lead our global engineering initiatives.

During Danilo’s tenure as VP of Engineering, we have witnessed remarkable

achievements, including:

  • Successful implementation of innovative engineering processes.

  • A significant contribution to the growth of our Brazil engineering team.

  • Streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency and collaboration.

  • Partnering with our global team as a team player to drive robust engineering

Elevating our Global Engineering Efforts in this new role as Global Engineering Director, Danilo will

continue to:

  • Provide strategic guidance for our global engineering initiatives.

  • Foster collaboration across regions, ensuring a unified and cohesive approach.

  • Uphold our commitment to excellence and innovation on a global scale.

  • Continue to deploy superior customer care.

This promotion is a testament to Danilo’s exceptional skills, unwavering dedication, and the positive impact he has had on our engineering team globally. It also reflects our commitment to recognizing and nurturing talent within our organization.

Please join me in congratulating Danilo on this well-deserved promotion. Your support and collaboration have been instrumental in achieving these milestones.

Danilo, I am proud to be the first to say congratulations on your new global leadership role!

//Terry Ingram


For further information please contact:

Danilo Colombini

Global Engineering Director

Phone: +55 (11) 99982 8978

Terry Ingram



Phone: +1-207-318-7207

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Download the Press Release as a PDF.

Download PDF • 4.07MB

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