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Liquid Appoints Daniel Tafarello as General Manager Brazil/LATAM


Sanford, 2023-12-30

Liquid, the frontrunner in Engineering and Servicing Liquid Food Plants, is excited to announce the appointment of Daniel Tafarello as its new General Manager Brazil/LATAM.

Liquid's CEO, Terry Ingram -

We have a new General Manager of Brazil/LATAM!

I am thrilled to share exciting news about a critical milestone in our corporate journey – the well-deserved promotion of Daniel Tafarello to the role of General Manager of

Brazil/LATAM. This promotion is a recognition of his outstanding service and a

celebration of Daniel’s robust business acumen that has significantly impacted our

organization. Daniel’s journey with us has been marked by a deep understanding of the business landscape, strategic thinking, and a sharp focus on financial excellence. His robust business acumen has driven our successes, ensuring that we meet and exceed our corporate goals.

As our Chief Financial Officer of our Brazil/LATAM operations, Daniel’s global perspective and financial foresight have been crucial to navigating the intricacies of

international markets. His ability to identify opportunities and mitigate risks has been a

linchpin of our financial resilience and growth on the global stage.

Daniel’s tenure as CFO has seen remarkable achievements, highlighting his

exceptional business acumen by implementing strategic financial initiatives that have optimized performance and maximized profitability and spearheading innovative

financial models that have enhanced our competitive edge in international markets


In his new role as General Manager of Brazil/LATAM, we are confident that Daniel’s robust business

acumen will continue to drive strategic business decisions that align with our overall global corporate vision. Strengthen relationships with clients and partners, further establishing our presence in the

Brazilian/LATAM market.

Please join me in extending our heartfelt congratulations to Daniel on this momentous achievement. His journey from CFO to General Manager is a testament to his exceptional business acumen and the

positive impact he continues to make on our organization.

Daniel, let me be the first to thank you for your solid financial prowess and unwavering commitment to Liquid. Congratulations on your new continent leadership role.

//Terry Ingram


For further information please contact:

Daniel Tafarello

General Manager Brazil/LATAM

Phone: +55 (19) 3295 8512 

Terry Ingram



Phone: +1-207-318-7207

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Download the Press Release as a PDF.

Download PDF • 4.10MB

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