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From there, my visit got..

My Liquid - We Make It Easier! Euro 2023 Road Trip took me to Leeuwarden, Holland, where I made a quick pilgrimage to the statue of a cow from which the Holstein Friesian breed is descended. (See picture in first comment) Why is this important? Because we do a lot of work in the United States with milk, and I think it’s amusing that we can trace much of that milk back to a single cow.

(Still with me? That was a lot to absorb.)

From there, my visit got incrementally better. I met with Johan PostmaManaging Director at Jongia Mixing Technology There are numerous synergies between Jongia Mixing Technology and Liquid - We Make It Easier!

Their mixing technology has the potential to add a great deal of value to our existing clients. First of all, it creates a more homogeneous product, which is quite appealing to the consumer. But second, when we work with aseptic sterile products, a central challenge is that heat transfers in liquids, but not in powder. That means that if you have something we call hydrophobic—which means that the powder has a phobia for water and doesn't mix well—you can heat up your liquid and inside any chunks of powder will still be completely cool.

To say this another way, if pockets of powder don’t heat properly, manufacturers can risk having to recall their products. So Jongia’s technology can reduce both risks as well as costs.

In a similar manner, Liquid has a broad range of expertise, which could enable Jongia to add more value to their customers beyond only selling them mixing technology. Opportunity abounds in Europe, and we are delighted to be of service to others.

Next stops are Denmark and Sweden!


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