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Field Service Engineers – who are these people?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Field Service Engineers – who are these people? Do they ever sleep?

Field Service Engineers are the hidden backbone of our world – maybe even the life blood in some cases.

Found in all of our major industries, Field Service Engineers, or FSE’s as most people frequently refer, work in a variety of technological fields designing, installing, and repairing equipment.

They are generally on the road and working a 24x7x365 schedule.

They work with customers to solve problems. FSE's install hardware, software, or systems while monitoring problems and anticipating what might happen next.

FSE’s troubleshoot problems; task schedule at job sites; create in-depth technical reports; perform emergency services; ensure adherence to facility safety requirements; teach others how to use equipment.

The demands for an FSE in the food industry are unique as they require a person with skills across multiple disciplines. Knowledge of electronics, control systems, software, mechanical devices, chemistry, biology, physics and regulatory frameworks are important for FSE’s.

Narrowing a bit further, the knowledge and skills required by FSE’s in the liquid food industry are unique in some regards due to the extreme conditions. Liquid food in the aseptic world particularly requires specialized knowledge.

For those not well acquainted with aseptic processing, the purpose is to produce a sterile product through heat processing. In contrast to canning, the product and the packaging undergo sterilization separately and the package filling occurs under carefully controlled aseptic conditions.

The machines designed and maintained then programmed with very carefully managed code can potentially produce higher quality long-life products without compromising product safety.

It takes years to master managing and maintaining these machines much less work with the busy production schedules required for these machines to pay for themselves.

At Liquid, FSE’s help plant employees achieve success providing world class maintenance and by sharing tips and tricks learned from decades of worldwide deployments.

When you consider the type of people you need to sustain your plant operations, consider contacting Liquid - We Make It Easier! and find out more about what you might not know when it comes to ensuring your plant operates optimally.


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