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We live and work in a human world.

Imagine a large liquid foods plant that has orders for its full capacity but is only producing one-third of its capacity. Now imagine how much money that company is losing, day after day, week after week.

It sounds like an emergency, right?

Yes, and no.

In reality, it IS an emergency. Millions of dollars are being lost.

But inside an organization, human factors get involved and the view can be less clear. It’s hard to admit you need help… or that the original plan isn’t working. It can be easier to point fingers, make excuses, and even rely on hope as a strategy.

We rescue plants like the one I just described. In just weeks, we can make a dramatic difference in total output. The payback period for our fees is immediate.

For us, the biggest challenge is not rescuing production. It is getting all the key players to accept our help and support. Once we have this, the rest is work we have performed successfully many times before.

We live and work in a human world. No matter how much technology we add, the key to our success is when we learn to work together towards a common goal. Nothing makes me happier than when we can do that.


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