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You are our only priority.

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Your company hires a solution provider to build a production line or complex system; it involves combining components from different vendors. How do you know that the solution provider has your best interests at heart (versus their own margins)?

Ask them if they are vendor agnostic.

Get ready to pose some hard followup questions, because you might hear a lot of nonsense about how they have carefully analyzed different offerings and decided that the best of the best come from a short list of their preferred vendors.

This may be because such vendors give them preferred terms and rebates that enrich the solution provider itself rather than you, their client.

Liquid is vendor agnostic. Our only criteria is which components will best serve the long-term needs of each client. This includes which components and configurations are most likely to avoid costly downtime, even years after we have set up your system. (Sometimes low-cost solutions work great for 12 or 18 months but then start causing very expensive problems.)

When you work with us, you know exactly how we are being compensated; we have no hidden backend deals. You are our only priority.

That’s the way it should always be.


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