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“We treasure and respect our differences.”

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

A team of very different people can be connected by a small number of shared principles. To offer a simple example:

“We treasure and respect our differences.”

If you truly believe in this principle, you are our type of person. If you don’t, please look elsewhere.

I want to hire extremely talented individuals and empower them. It has never been my intention to tell anyone what to think or even how they should do their job.

I tell you this because when you hire the most motivated, talented and skilled people, the odds are very high that you will end up with a highly diverse team. Occasionally, this diversity will be frustrating, confusing and time-consuming. Why? Because people will see things differently, and communicate their opinions differently.

That’s the cost of being truly committed to hiring the best. It takes a bit of work, but produces extraordinary outcomes… as long as you have key principles in common. That is, you can be your own person, as long as you remain utterly committed to serving our clients.


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