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We seek to train our clients to operate as much..

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) measures how well a manufacturing facility operates versus its full potential. We have a more holistic view than most of what it takes to maximize this number. Unlike some consulting and service organizations, we seek to train our clients to operate as much as possible without us. The more educated and skilled they are, the better decisions they will make and the better their plant will operate. So, on the numerous occasions when we are brought in to address a serious decline in OEE, first we fix the immediate problem and second we offer training to address any underlying issues. To cite a simple example, we saw an instance in which a plant employee was failing to properly treat the stick they were using to handle concentrate within a drum (this sucks in air bubbles that are virtually impossible to remove). When one of our consultants was watching the operator, the machine functioned well, because the operator did his job properly. But when we left, the problem recurred. Rather than come back repeatedly, we offered to train the employee and others at the plant.


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