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“We make it easy” isn’t just slogan or tagline; it’s our growth strategy for the coming years.

Although we have a long list of delighted customers, we have barely begun to service as many customers as we would like in Brazil. Our goal is to make it dramatically easier for large and small scale liquid food manufacturers to produce top-quality products at a healthy profit.

With that said, we woudl like to share 3 promotions in our office in São Paulo #brazil. 3

Digitalization & Office Manager – Beatriz Sabino Pereira It's with great excitement that after years of hard work and continued education, today we afforded Beatrize her next big career move, leading the Brazilian office. With unwavering trust, she will align with US operations and strive to meet Liquid's Global initiatives.

Engineer Leader – José Radson Filho Radson brings us his strong commitment to lead our Brazilian Engineering Team to be the best we can be. He brings years of experience as a highly talented engineer that has excelled in his knowledge and leadership skills. So let's welcome him as part of the Brazilian Leadership team.

Sales Manager & Engineer Liaison – Sammis Gregorio has continued to strive for perfection in customer service and solid commercial attributes. Today he will work to lead our commercial/inside engineering liaison group to again align with the global vision of Liquid.


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