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We just posted a three-minute video that shows..

We just posted a three-minute video that shows the dramatic 13-month transformation of a rough warehouse space into a highly efficient liquid foods manufacturing plant. (See link in first comment)

In March of 2018, Liquid Consulting was asked to come on board as an EPC partner managing engineering, procurement and construction for this new plant. In an amazingly fast 13 months, we got this factory built and we commissioned it, which means we took it into commercial production.

This is a crystal-clear example of how we add value to some of the world’s most successful food companies, as well as to disruptive new companies. No matter how innovative or adept such firms are, there are exceedingly few people on the entire planet who know how to launch large-scale manufacturing capabilities this fast.

I hope you don’t mind if I say that last part again. Almost no one else can get a factory of this scale and reliability up and running this quickly.

As Elon Musk said a few weeks ago, it’s not that hard to design a Tesla; the hard part is mass producing it. That is especially true in liquid foods. The hard part is mass producing excellent products round the clock.


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