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Real World Experience Matters

Imagine an engineer that has been studying how to run a manufacturing plant by only looking at blueprints and other documents for 20 years. Would you hire this engineer to run your plant? (Did I mention the engineer has been studying every possible principle and case study in existence?)

Most people would answer: no.

Book experience is not actual experience. It’s valuable to have, but at some point you actually have to enter the real world, where impressive theories give way to real life. Theoretically, lots of things should work… but many of these do not.

Our firm is filled with professionals who understand how the different equipment and processes within a plant interact with each other. They understand how a small change can have big consequences. They are well-educated but most importantly highly experienced.

Most of us end our formal education feeling pretty confident. Too confident. It takes us a while to figure out what we don’t know, then it takes even longer to plug the holes in our knowledge and expertise.

When you’re looking for help, lean towards deep, real world experience.


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