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Open Letter from Liquid CEO to our Clients and Channel Partners

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

First, let me thank you worldwide for the warm welcome as the new CEO of Liquid Consulting, Inc. These are exciting times at Liquid, and we thank you for your patronage and support. With global changes in the supply chain, stresses in geopolitical areas, and the need to assure quality food supplies, we stand ready to ensure we bring the best technology forward. At Liquid, we carry with us an extraordinary team of THINKERs and DOERS; you are at the forefront of every one of us; your success is ours.

As you strive to run at your optimal pace while adhering to quality and customer service, our job at Lliquid is to support you from second to none in engineering support, technical field support, and cost-effective ways to manage your sustainment costs to invest in the future.

Our outcomes result from true partnerships - not just vendor relations; we will ensure your organization is part of leading-edge technologies delivering massive value to customers.

Liquid takes pride in the respect and trust earned over the years, and I assure you as CEO of Liquid, I look forward to meeting this high bar. Over the next six months, I look forward to meeting you and discussing how better we can serve you. As I told my clients for years, I am not a desk CEO; I am an active action driven CEO. Understanding leadership and commitment to Liquid and to our clients and channel partners are paramount.

Thank you again for entrusting Liquid in the most critical stages of your processes.

Terry J. Ingram

CEO, Liquid Consulting, Inc.


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