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On Memorial Day, we want to..

On Memorial Day, we want to take a moment to remind everyone what this holiday is all about.

Most of us celebrate by cooking some meat on the grill and having a few beers with friends and family. We make it a joyous occasion where we enjoy the freedoms that were afforded to us by the ones who gave their life for our Country. But how many of us actually take the time to tell our kids what this day is really about? How many adults in your family or circle of friends really have no idea what Memorial Day commemorates?

There are a million reasons to be a proud American, but above all, Memorial Day signifies the true depth of what was sacrificed to keep the American Dream alive. Young men and women that signed up to defend Her and lost their life in the process, they are the ones that truly have made us proud. We mourn their loss on Memorial Day. But we also celebrate their duty, bravery, selflessness, honor and courage. We admire these attributes and we strive to live up to their legacies by applying a small amount of these same traits in everything we do in life.


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