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Liquid Family - meet Inga Gasparova

I'm excited to present our dear and valued Liquid Consulting Family member, Inga Gasparova.

Inga is an experienced Program Manager and she is in involved in so many of our processes here at Liquid and she’s known for her ability to having many balls in the air, always with focus and joy.

Hi Inga, can you please tell us more about your role at Liquid?

Inga: Hi! Currently, I am in the position of Program Manager which keeps me involved in a few fields:

- Leading our Project Support team;

- Controlling and monitoring Projects’ performances – Cost Control, Setup, Invoicing, and closing processes.

- Working with the Sales and Engineering teams in Estimating process of Proposals: setting up necessary folders and creating calculation tools in Shared Folders, working on PCC-Quoting file and preparing it for Peer Reviews, Tracking pending Proposals that are in the estimation process;

- Leading Procurement and Logistics activities: Purchases, shipments and deliveries, Inventory/Stock control, Workshop/Warehouse supervision, closing vendors’ invoices.

What got you to join Liquid?

Inga: I joined Liquid almost 4 years ago and the main reason for applying for the position of Project Administrator was the opportunity to work in the field of Project Management. To that point, I had already held a Certificate of the Certified Associate of Project Management, but expanding my experience in the field could help me to obtain my PMP Certificate – which I truly obtained after just a year working in the company.

Also, I felt that my 10 years of international working experience could be perfectly applied in Liquid.

How would you explain what Liquid does and which values we try to deliver to our customers?

Inga: What makes Liquid truly unique, in my opinion, is a special approach to our customers’ needs, at any time and in any place. The main values we try to deliver are efficient and optimized solutions. We always try to offer not the better but the best resolutions to their problems or requirements. Time, Cost, Quality – Liquid is not concentrated on a single factor around a customer’s issue, but provides broader optimized answers and advices to their needs.

Where do you see that Liquid does a difference for our customers?

Inga: As I have mentioned above – Liquid always tries to stand by our customers’ side with the best solution and service as soon as possible. Time truly always matters and there were numerous examples, during my time with Liquid, when we would provide any kind of support during weekends and even holidays – daytime or nighttime.

Also, working for almost a year with our Sales and Engineers teams in Estimation-processes showed me even better how each opportunity and request gets very detailed consideration and an individual approach. We are not concentrating on providing a one-time service, but on building a special long-term relationship with a customer.

"What makes Liquid truly unique, in my opinion, is a special approach to our customers’ needs, at any time and in any place"

What are the best parts about working at Liquid?

Inga: The first and possibly the most important part of working in any company has always been the environment and team. My heart needs to be in the work I do – this is the only way to provide the best of my abilities, and the team around us plays a very crucial role in the process.

Secondly, I have never stopped expanding my knowledge and experience while working in the company, especially around the industry which was completely new to me four years ago.

Another thing I would like to mention is the relationship with the Management. I personally have never felt disrespected or unappreciated, and I have always been given opportunities to apply any knowledge or express any idea within my field or beyond. It allowed me to be a part and work not only in the Project Management field, but also in the Process Engineering Department, in Workshop fabrication processes, Warehouse and Inventory Management, Sales and Estimating processes, Finance and Invoicing processes.

Can you tell us one thing outside of work that you are passionate about?

Inga: I am in constant research and study of the World I live in and myself as a part of it. My questions made me very passionate about traveling and expanding my knowledge and experience in spiritual growth, energies, and Universe itself.

Thank you Inga for you time and for being a part of the Liquid Family.

- - - - - - - - - - -

If you have any questions or are interested in joining Inga and the Liquid team in our journey to making it easier for our customers - please check out our career page or feel free to reach out to me directly.

// Sincerely, Daniel Ekström Founder, Liquid Consulting

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