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Liquid Consulting is 15 years old

Updated: May 3, 2021

Daniel Ekström

Liquid Consulting is 15 years old this week, and the consultancy is thriving. It gives me tremendous pride and satisfaction to watch so many people step up and transform what was once an idea into an organization that helps so many other companies.

Perhaps the smartest thing I ever did in my tenure there was to hire for culture, rather than merely for competency. That’s what makes it possible for the culture to be stronger than ever, even after my departure. Liquid Consulting is obsessed with serving its clients, with making their lives easier, and with both earning and keeping their trust.

Lots of firms say they are client focused, but it doesn’t take very long to figure out that’s not really the case. At Liquid it is absolutely true, and that’s what sets the firm apart.

Two months ago, when I handed the CEO role to Marcelo Ferrer no one even blinked. He was already doing the job even before I announced the transition, and he had earned the confidence of both colleagues and clients. In the weeks since, it’s become clear that replacing myself was a great move.

To the roughly 90 professionals who make up Liquid Consulting: I am proud beyond words of each of you, and it gives me enormous joy to watch what you continue to accomplish.


Marcelo Ferrer

It all started as a "one-man show" and now, 15 years later, we are 80+ and going strong! I would like to thank Daniel Ekström for being the visionary that he is and for building the great team we are today. Thanks to Daniel's leadership, passion, and obsession for excellence, Liquid Consulting is now recognized as a world class service and engineering organization.

I also would like to thank our customers, suppliers, and our dedicated team for the first 15 years.

And now it is time to celebrate! The teams at our HQ in Sanford, FL, San Jose, Costa Rica, And Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, will be having some small gatherings to celebrate this milestone. This time with our employees only, but hopefully in the next one (20th) we will be able to invite our key customers and suppliers for a bigger gathering.


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