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Just call our 800 number

When the leader of a manufacturing plant tells a vendor they need better support, how would you expect the vendor to respond?

By adding staff? By doubling down on their service commitment? By promising to do much, much better from now on?

I was recently in such a meeting, and the OEM vendor responded: no problem, just call our 800 number.

I almost swallowed my tongue.

Not long thereafter, the leader asked Liquid to provide the support. “I like knowing the owner is paying attention,” he said.

This is our niche: providing personal support when an OEM is too large, too busy or too distracted to remember what it means to serve the interests of their customer.

We love this niche.

My point isn’t to criticize or throw stones. It’s simply to defend and serve medium-sized plants that have done everything they could to get an OEM’s attention.

P.S. We don’t have an 800 number at Liquid. Instead, you call a person you actually know.


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