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I want to recognize the outstanding work of..

I want to recognize the outstanding work of Ana Claudia Scachetti Baldini on our Liquid team. Ana is invaluable to us thanks to her extraordinary professionalism and tremendous initiative.

This week, we are both on-site at a customer’s plant, which means that Ana flew up from her home in Brazil to be of service.

The other day, she recognized that: A.) Some of the plant employees needed more training, and B.) There was a gap in the schedule that gave her time to jump into action. On the spot, Ana collected a group of mechanics and gave them a lesson in Aseptic production technology, which is quite complex.

This is what Ana does: she finds problems and fixes them. She moves incredibly fast, and always tries to help. If someone resists her help (we’re all human, and sometimes humans do that), Ana will back off until they settle down, then she tries again.

I’ve known Ana for over 15 years. She has the clarity of understanding who she is, what matters most, and that she finds fulfillment in helping others. She is a true superstar, and we are very lucky to have her on the Liquid - We Make It Easier! team.


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