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Updated: Jul 24, 2021

From the earliest days when I was first leading Liquid Consulting, we used four questions to serve our corporate clients and help them thrive:

1.) Which industry elements can be eliminated?

2.) Which industry elements can be delivered at a ”lower” standard without losing performance?

3.) Which industry standards should be enhanced?

4.) What innovation will transform the industry?

The goal with all four questions is to provide a better customer experience, which means that the customer perceives they got what they paid for, or more.

Too often, companies lose sight of their customers’ needs. They pack in features that no one needs. They take longer to ship while performing tasks that no one values.

Or they do not address nagging problems that truly bother customers, because they either fail to notice or fail to prioritize such issues.

Customer experience is not some vague concept. It basically comes down to delivering benefits that have real economic benefits to your customer. The four questions I’ve shared today help you uncover changes that have a measurable impact on such economic value.


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