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For a firm to be truly innovative, it must not only do new things, it must stop doing old things. It is not possible to create tomorrow unless one first disposes of yesterday.

That’s what we did when we set out to create something the liquid food industry had never seen before. We call it WAVE.

The pre release of WAVE was implemented for a major Oat Beverage Manufacturer when we built their first plant in the US. With this pre release we reduced the time it took for them to train a new process operator from +3 months in their old plant to sub 3 weeks for an operator to work independently.

Key to making this a reality was to remove the trivial many, and identify the vital few on all the screens.

Now keep in mind, that digitalization is a package of tools that doesn’t deliver great performance, it makes it possible for us tap into it.

Reach out to Walney LuzGerardo VillafuerteAndres RosaRafael Azeredo Marcelo Ferrer Janderson Mesquita dos Anjos to learn more how we could replace what you have today with WAVE. We Apply it on any GUI in the liquid food industry. From a stand alone sterile tank or sterilizer to a complete plant.

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