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Our ladder looks something like this.


First "We make it easier."








Quality Process & Regulatory: This is the bedrock of revenue; without a clear understanding of your processes, how can you create long-standing revenue? What structures are in place to secure continuity in operations, quality, and safety. At Liquid we engage at the plant floor level to train, trouble shoot and resolve challenging situations in your manufacturing process. We see Regulatory today as a challenging area with minimal staffing in place at plants, it is the most neglected place in the industry. The mind set sadly to say "If they do not ask, then do not offer." We see this as an opportunity to ensure the consumers are safe and healthy; plants see this as a benefit, not a mandate. Liquid affords a road map to our customers that aligns them for success from a regulatory perspective and your superior brands to your customers.

Cyber Security / OT / IT


Cyber Security/OT/IT - This is the raw reality that our food supply is the most vulnerable place in the world. As increased threats of Cyber-attacks, such as HP Hood not too long ago, we see this as a "Zero Trust" situation. Our IP and methodology work from the inside out. Statistics have shown that great than 90% of breaches come from the inside out. OT/IT are the parts, as I say, that put hardware in place vs. software to protect assets, food quality, and security measures. Again, this is all within the world we play below. With overwhelming interest and Liquids experts in the Liquid Food Industry we thrive in the Cyber environment as we continue to refining this deliverable and implementation in such a volatile and changing space. Through assessments to security and nondisruptive to your operating systems our solution will protecting your assets and most importantly your customers experience.



Digitization: We create the communications that drive operational functions at a higher level by the process of code creation based on the actual need, not the cookie-cutter solutions that so many do. WAVE affords the Liquid Food Industry a new perspective on how you see your actual operations and extended securities to insure little to no down time and superior products which we see as a major value added to your bottom line. This again is non disruptive to your existing operational infrastructure, it rides above it all to deliver a powerful understanding of your true operations. Our responsibility is to make sure you are seeing the important points not the excessive data overload that your operators and management just do not have time. I like to call this “Busy work from the inside out”



Process/Automation: The lifeblood of any operations in the Liquid Food Industry. We are experienced real-life process engineers with hundreds of years of in-house talent that can see reality vs. perception to drive superior products at the end of the line with partnerships such as yours. With extensive experience in A-Septic, UHT, Cheese, and Juices to mention a few we see a growing need for technology that brings a deeper understanding of operations, critical forward awareness, and overall operational control remotely and locally. The core of any manufacturing is efficiency and focus on minimal waste from steam consumption, water quality and spoilage so at Liquid therefore “we make it easier” by delivering solutions to difficult challenges.

Global Field Services


Global Field Services: This we see as a game changer in the industry by the sheer volume of requests and contracts, as Liquid, assumes the role of a critical partner in your Preventative Maintenance, Cost Savings, and Minimal Downtime. With our programs, such as MiQ and PMP, we deliver structure in an area that drains the lifeblood out of CAPEX. This is not just a generic program but one that over 30 years has been build to expend your equipment life cycle and sustainable TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS. Our focus is to maximize uptime at the most secure and cost-effective measure with a clear focus on CAPEX which is needed to survive in a low-margin arena.

Field Service Engineers - This is the foundation of Liquid, "Experience isn't the best teacher….other people's experience is" Great quote from Andy Andrews, but this is the core value we bring our customers and channel partners. We are on the front line, eager to not run or blame but solve complex problems. With the vast global expertise within Liquid, we harness this experience daily to strategize the best solutions and act on them with conviction. Here is where we “inject” ourselves as partners into the core of our customers. Where we learn all about their true needs. It is like Facebook tracking its users. Once this vast information’s is secure, we populate this upward into our Manufacturing Team to deliver the best solutions for our customers.

Calibration:  Calibration is your head-start to Quality performance, which brings us back to the top of the ladder. Calibration is not only for regulatory compliance; it is a robust quality assurance and preventive maintenance tool that can reduce or prevent losing valuable production time and product quality issues. Our team with state of the art calibration equipment not only calibrates and protects your devices they also can calibrate your inhouse calibration devices along with sound engineering calibration practices.

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