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What We Do In Pictures

We Deliver Exceptional Experience

Across the liquid foods industry, we both engineer plants as well as provide field services.

Over the past five years, we have become increasingly involved in greenfield as well as brownfield projects.

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A Few Words from Our Founder

It’s been 16 years since I founded Liquid Consulting to make it easier for liquid food producers to drive profitable growth.

Those last two words are especially important, because it’s where our expertise makes the greatest positive impact: helping you to drive profitable growth.

Our depth of knowledge makes it profitable for our clients to grow, increase their output, and to add high quality products.

There’s one other word in my opening sentence that really matters: easy. My vision for Liquid Consulting has always been to make life easy for our clients. We take away your headaches.

We solve your toughest problems. We anticipate potential obstacles, and eliminate them.

In the early years, this company was a one-man show; now it is the opposite.
Today, my

primary role is to find and nurture the experts you need. I have handpicked our team

members based on their knowledge and positive attitudes. We are a company filled

with talented individuals who thrive on freedom. I never ask anyone to conform to

our culture; all I ask is that each of us commits to growth and continuous

improvement, in whatever manner makes the most sense for each person.

We have also grown as a company into something much bigger than I ever imagined

in the early years. But our greatest strength is that we remain a modest-sized niche

consulting firm. This quality enables us to be nimble and highly responsive to your

needs. Again, our intention is to make your life easier… and this translates into the

flexibility to deliver what you need, when—and how—you need it.

I am a passionate man with a curious mind, and from time to time I get

absorbed by my own thought process. So if I don’t say this often enough, let me

say it now: I am tremendously grateful to each of my team members and also to

every single one of our clients. It is a privilege and an honor to work with every

single one of you.

                                                                                                            - Daniel Ekström

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Our Vision

To be the most agile partner

for the liquid food industry.

Our Mission

We make it easier for liquid food producers to drive profitable growth.

Our History

Field service is the heart and soul of Liquid.

It is what drives us, and it is where and how we add the most value. In this sense, we operate quite differently from our competitors.


At many firms, to work in field service is a requirement before employees move elsewhere. It is not perceived as an especially appealing assignment, and employees are often eager to move to another role. We hire, train and retain people who love field service. Our people want to work here for the long term. They enjoy being in plants, working directly with clients and putting to work their deep knowledge of the liquid foods manufacturing process. To say this another way, our team has much more field experience than any other.

Inside the company, we have a phrase for describing the essential character of our company. It is “born onsite we are.” The origins of our firm go back to working in the field, seeing the unmet needs of both current and potential customers, and recruiting people who could join our team and help fill those needs. 

Our Future - Grow With Us

“We make it easy” isn’t our slogan or tagline; it’s our growth strategy for the coming years.

Although we have a long list of delighted customers, we have barely begun to service as many customers as we would like. Our goal is to make it dramatically easier for large scale liquid food manufacturers to produce top-quality products at a healthy profit.

We do this by reducing downtime, and also by increasing precision and predictability.

There should be no surprises in a major food production plant, and we make it easier for our clients to operate that way.

That’s how we operate: 100% focused on your needs, and on making your lives easier.

We want to make a much greater impact in this industry, and we welcome every opportunity to do that.

The Importance of Maintenance

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